AxxiemWebSolutions was established in 2004 by Susan Lewenz.  Her third startup, Susan established Axxiem with a focus on improving communications in the Life Science space.  Axxiem’s clients include leading biopharma companies, CROs and non-profits such as: Eli Lilly, Aerpio Theraputics, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Cygnus Technologies, Regeneron, The Medicines Company, Cara Therapeutics, and many others.

Axxiem designed and built AxxiTRIALS a leading player in the Clinical Trials Investigator Portal space (sold to Litera in 2013).

As our portfolio illustrates, Axxiem has worked with a lot of companies in many industries, including Biotech, Constructions, Legal and Consulting, Green Technologies, Non-Profits, local business and trades.

Some of our clients have been acquired or merged with larger firms and others have closed.  Others continue to grow.  We are proud to say that more than a few have successfully IPO’ed.  In all cases, we love working with our clients, learning about their unique missions and successfully crafting a web presence and strategy that will take them to their next level.