Design & Content

Design & Content

What path will the user take through the website? Will they view every page? Unlikely. In fact, different audiences are likely to take different paths. The more we can pre-think the paths they will take, the better we serve up the message for each target audience.

Nobody likes to waste time. Good path design benefits the visitor, keeping their experience engaging, informative, efficient and effective. Whether your website is selling forthcoming biotech solution or legal services, how the visitor travels through the site is critical to getting them to take action.

At Axxiem there are no templates.

With billions of web pages on the Internet today, it is very important to have a look that distinguishes your site from the rest. But “unique” does NOT mean weird or unusual.

We customize your design to you, your organization, and your objectives. While our business analysts and content writers (optional) work with your team to develop page content, our designers work on achieving just the right look and feel that will accomplish your business objectives.

During the site structure design phase of the project, we work with the client to develop a site diagram. The diagram lays out the structure of the site, showing how users will navigate between pages. We place emphasis on multi-path navigation, which ensures that visitors to your site can find what they need without looking for it or even knowing in advance that that’s what they were looking for.