Non-Profits and Foundations

The objective of our program, AxxiCARE, is to assist selected non-profit organizations to effectively use the web in their work. From better informing the public and their member audiences, to community awareness, to fundraising, AxxiCARE seeks to help non-profit and educational organizations benefit from the fast-changing technologies available to them. For each project selected, AxxiCARE develops a budget based on need for each participant, ranging from deeply discounted to complete pro-bono support.

We are proud of the many important programs we have supported over the years.

Sample of AxxiCARE projects include:



Challenge The New York Biotechnology Association is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the development and growth of New York State-based biotechnology-related industries and institutions, and to strengthening the competitiveness of New York State as a premier global location for...
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Youth Outreach Developments in Literacy

Challenge Youth Outreach Developments in Literacy is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote literacy and gender-equality for children in under-developed regions of the world.They wanted to hold a fundraiser event: La Nuit Mystique, to promote awareness of their cause...
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Stroke Help Association

Challenge Stroke Help's founder walked through Axxiem's door with the dream.. One man who wanted to make a difference by establishing a group that would help local families of stroke victims learn about available resources for living day to day...
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biomedical engineering research


Challenge The Biomedical Engineering Research & Results Initiative (BERRI) is a contract research organization providing virtual product development with backing from the University of Alberta.  The main objective of the project was to facilitate sharing project updates and confidential documents...
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Armenian Assembly of America

Challenge The Armenian Assembly of America is the largest non-partisan Armenian-American advocacy organization in the United States. The challenge was to develop a highly functional CMS system providing Assembly staff with full ability to manage all aspects of the site,...
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Hastings On Hudson Chamber Of Commerce

Challenge The goal was to design a completely different homepage which would get people to take a second look at the small village of Hastings, recognizing the charm and the opportunity the village offers. Solution The new site has a...
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Partnership for Student Advancement

Challenge The Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) helps financially underprivileged high school students, particularly minorities, identify and pursue a career path. PSA's life skills training and career development programs include skill and aptitude matching and support services, which smooth the...
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end of life choices axxiem website design non-profits bioltech

Compassion & Choices of Northern California

ChallengeCompassion and Choices of Northern California is a nonprofit organization working to improve care and expand end-of-life choices.  Compassion and Choices needed a site which presented the subject with the same compassion and empathy that its staff and members use...
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Clean Energy Business Network

Clean Energy Business Network

The CEBN is a group of 3,000+ business leaders working in every aspect of the clean energy economy.  CEBN is a non-profit that works to inform and engage business leaders in energy policy issues, increase public and policymaker awareness of...
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ACFA Axxiem website

The Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys (ACFA)

ACFA members include in-house attorneys and attorneys in private practice who are national and international experts in middle-market commercial credit transactions and commercial bankruptcy matters. We are a select group with members in more than thirty states and a number...
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The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Challenge The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) needed a new site with an updated design and which enabled BCSE staff to keep the site updated through a Content Management System as well as an area where Association members could...
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usuf home

US-Ukraine Foundation

Challenge The US-Ukraine Foundation has 30 years of history effectively supporting and advancing US-Ukraine relations.  Unfortunately, all their great work over the years was completely lost in their existing website.  Additionally, the site had not been designed to promote the...
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l4a home

Listening for America

Listening for America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to the design of international trade policy.   Their goal is to build a new, strategic, publicly-supported set of U.S. policies that will benefit Americans and secure our future.  The organization...
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adapp new home

Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

Challenge Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) needed a site to effectively speak to its varied audiences which included kids, teens and their parents seeking information and guidance in the important area of drug and alcohol abuse...
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Challenge Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation had established a new program promoting biotech in Ukraine, and specifically, helping US and Ukrainian firms and organization to more easily connect and collaborate.   Solution With Axxiem's expertise in biotech as well as...
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Travel to Ukraine

Challenge Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation had long ago set up a site to assist those thinking of making the trip to Ukraine.  Unfortunately, the site was sorely out of date.   Solution As part of Axxiem's AxxiCARE program, Axxiem...
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