Hosting, Email & Support

Hosting, Email & Support


Axxiem’s hosting plans are ideal for our clients. We offer a variety of plans and provide reliable hosting service with 24/7 support by our expert staff.

Axxiem is a premier partner of Rackspace, the leading hosting facility in the country. Axxiem’s servers at the Rackspace hosting facility are in good company. Other firms hosting at Rackspace include Motorola, BlueTooth, Monstercommerce, and Microsoft.

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Custom Web Applications

More and more clients want the Internet to play a greater role in their day-to-day operations. Typically, this involves private areas where customers or business partners can log in to see their accounts, enter information, place orders, review documents, etc.

This can also include client or partner portals where a member can log in, get pertinent information, read announcements, participate in trainings, access materials, etc.

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AxxiMEDIA Video & Graphics Services

Axxiem’s AxxiMEDIA group focuses exclusively on producing custom media for Axxiem clients. Though usually made primarily for web use, AxxiMEDIA videos and custom graphics designed for PowerPoint slide presentations are often incorporated by the client into other marketing and presentation media.

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Internet Marketing and AxxiBLAST Email Campaigns

Axxiem’s Internet Marketing Group provides search engine optimization (SEO) services and has a stellar track record of performance, bringing Axxiem customers to the top of search engine rankings and keeping them there.

Axxiem’s AxxiBLAST group is a partnership with Constant Contact® that provides our clients with comprehensive email blast campaign design, implementation, and reporting services.

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Hosting, Email & Support

Axxiem is an official partner of Rackspace and hosts its on servers there. Our customer hosting plan includes 100% guaranteed up-time, nightly backup, anti-virus protection, as well as custom applications as necessary.

Axxiem is a reseller of the Rackspace mail solution (aka AxxiMAIL) and includes webmail, Exchange, and MS 365 Solutions, all at competitive rates backed by solid support. Rackspace mail servers are dedicated and monitored 24/7/365.  Complete backup retention options available.

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