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Axxiem offers its clients a reliable hosting service with 24/7 support by our global support team. We host on dedicated servers at Rackspace, the leading hosting facility in the country. Axxiem did not choose to host with Rackspace because they are the cheapest. They are not. We selected Rackspace because, like Axxiem, they believe in fanatical support. We like that, and so will you. 

Without the best network in place, even the best web applications, server infrastructures, and operating system environments are crippled. From its genesis, the Zero-Downtime Network was designed with one purpose in mind " providing an unequaled and uninterrupted experience for our customers and their end users. Guaranteed.

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AxxiHELP and Rackspace partner to provide you with fanatical support...

Axxiem provides 24/7 support for clients hosting their websites and/or email with us. We offer a standard Service Level Agreement or can customize agreements to best fit the needs of our clients.

Clients can open a help ticket at any time by emailing our HelpDesk at: . The issue is immediately logged in the system, the HelpDesk staff are immediately notified of the issue, and a tracking number is assigned to the issue. Whether during business hours or after-hours, our AxxiHELP staff are there to manage any issues which may arise in a timely manner.

A lot of managed hosting providers say they will support you 24/7/365. The question is, how do they define 24/7/365 support? Usually, their interpretation of the phrase is pretty loose. At Rackspace, it doesn't matter if it's 2PM or 2AM. You and your Managed Hosting solutions will always be taken care of by people that know what they're doing.

We don't have one person answering your support tickets or a handful of non-experts manning the phones. We have hundreds of experts available at all times to support your OS and hardware. You even have your own dedicated Rackspace Support Team built around your technical and business needs. They perform as an extension of your business and make sure that we deliver on The Fanatical Support Promise.

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