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Website Hosting:

Axxiem offers its clients a reliable hosting service with 24/7 support by our global support team. We host on dedicated servers at AWS, the leading hosting facility in the country. Axxiem did not choose to host with AWS because they are the cheapest. They are not. We selected AWS because, like Axxiem, they believe in fantastic client support. We like that, and so will you.


AxxiHELP and AWS  partner to provide you with fanatical support...

Axxiem provides 24/7 support for clients hosting their websites and/or email with us. We offer a standard Service Level Agreement or can customize agreements to best fit the needs of our clients.

Clients can open a help ticket at any time by emailing our HelpDesk at: . The issue is immediately logged in the system, the HelpDesk staff are immediately notified of the issue, and a tracking number is assigned to the issue. Whether during business hours or after-hours, our AxxiHELP staff are there to manage any issues which may arise in a timely manner.


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