Website Consulting and Development

Listen and Understand Business Objectives

At Axxiem, our first question is about your business objectives, not about technology. Most of our projects involve helping clients re-design websites that were launched, often without clearly defined objectives. We start by understanding your goals and defining those objectives, and then we design appropriate means to achieve them. 

Usability principles we follow:

  • Clear value on all pages.
  • Thoughtful, captivating content and engaging graphics.
  • Carefully-crafted pages designed to subtly engage the user.
  • Ease of navigation, including multiple means of arriving at the same point.
  • Limited use of industry and internet jargon. 
  • Clear functionality that adds to the user experience on the website.


With careful business analysis and smart choices for the technology that is right for your website, Axxiem provides solutions that bring the web to play its appropriate part in achieving your business objectives.

Please contact Axxiem to learn more about our website design services.