Web Projects

Encue biotech web design banner image


ENCUE is focused on neurodegenerative disorders with a specific target on synaptic health. A referral from other clients, ENCUE came to Axxiem...
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Singular Immune biotech web design banner image for Axxiem portfolio

Singular Immune

Singular Immune came to Axxiem with a desire for a new biotech website to help them come out of stealth mode. They...
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Vetigenics biotech web design banner image for Axxiem portfolio


Vetigenics commissioned Axxiem to redesign their existing website and clearly explain their propriety CANIBODY™ Platform. Axxiem created a scrolling animation to "show"...
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Website Design Portfolio Image for TNCAP Banner view

Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership

TNCAP came to Axxiem wanting to create a website with a connection to their parent site (adapp.org), both in function and design,...
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Edge Animal Health full banner image

Edge Animal Health

Edge, an animal biotechnology company, came to Axxiem with a desire for a website that visually combines their unique scientific approach in...
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Cellicure Desktop Image

Cellicure, Inc.

Cellicure partnered with Axxiem to design and develop a new corporate site that would speak clearly to their Western biotech and Chinese-speaking...
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KV National desktop display

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services

Over the years, KV National Land has commissioned Axxiem to develop multiple sites for their corporation. KV National Land is one of...
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Camelot Bio Capital desktop display

Camelot BioCapital

Camelot came to Axxiem wanting to create a simple yet engaging website, highlighting their decades of experience and deep industry relationships. Axxiem...
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Turk & Company desktop display

Turk & Company

Axxiem built Turk & Co a website that reflects their unique strength and integrity in this competitive field. The website successfully showcases...
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IBC Advanced Technologies

Axxiem is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for IBCMRT.com. Founded in 1988, IBCMRT has pioneered the development and...
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AKAVA Therapeutics

AKAVA Therapeutics is conducting groundbreaking research in their own area of "inhibition therapeutics". Our challenge was to design and build a site...
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Immunophotonics desktop image


Immunophotonics is a clinical-stage biotech company that is pioneering the burgeoning field of Interventional Immuno-OncologyTM through the development of novel treatments for...
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DArcy Compliance Consulting

DArcy Compliance Consulting

DArcy Compliance Consulting challenged Axxiem with finding a way to profile the broad range of services as well as the many years...
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PRISM BioLab Desktop Image


Axxiem was engaged to design and develop a site that would speak clearly to Western biotech audiences as well as to the...
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New Treventis Desktop Image

Treventis Corporation

Treventis needed to upgrade their website, including clear and compelling graphics and medical animations, to explain protein misfolding and Treventis' unique modelling...
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Oligomerix Desktop Website Image


Seven years ago, Axxiem launched Oligomerix's first website. Since then, we've been a partner with them and watched them and their technology...
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Xilis website desktop image


Xilis provided the Axxiem team with the opportunity to learn about their amazing technology and to provide innovated design and visuals on...
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Equilibre Biopharmaceuticals desktop image

Équilibre Biopharmaceuticals Corp

Eqneuro.com was a great project which brought us new design challenges and ultimately a fantastic site for this promising young startup! Équilibre...
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Signablok Website Image

SignaBlok, Inc.

The challenge Axxiem faced working on the Signablok project was to find a way to present this technology simply and understandably to...
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VeroScience Biotechnology Company Website


Like many of our clients, VeroScience came to Axxiem for a redesign.  The company was experiencing growth and needed to have a...
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Palladio Biosciences biotech website design

Palladio Biosciences

Palladio Biosciences needed a new website - fast!  First, Axxiem built a quick replacement site/place holder that updated key information, meeting a...
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moretti home

Moretti Driveway Paving and Patio

A local contractor needed a new website. Our CEO needed new patios, landscaping and a driveway. His work looks almost as good...
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Phanes Therapeutics biotechnology website company

Phanes Therapeutics

Phanes came to Axxiem for a redesign that would provide them a world-class presence highlighting their important work in the area of...
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Imvax biotech website Malignant glioma hepatocellular carcinoma pancreatic cancer


Imvax came to Axxiem with a website that had recently been done by another company.  They were not happy. We worked quickly...
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COUR Desktop Image

COUR Pharmaceuticals

  COUR Pharma needed a quick but effective redesign which kept their branding in tact, but made more effective use of their...
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GRS-Title company website design


KV National came to Axxiem with a growing stable of companies providing financial services around the country.  They needed a range of...
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usuf home

US-Ukraine Foundation

The US-Ukraine Foundation has 30 years of history effectively supporting and advancing US-Ukraine relations.  Unfortunately, all their great work over the years...
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adapp new home

Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

The Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) needed a site to effectively speak to its varied audiences including kids,...
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The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) needed a new site with an updated design that would enable BCSE staff to keep...
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ACFA Axxiem website

The Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys (ACFA)

ACFA members include in-house attorneys and attorneys in private practice who are national and international experts in middle-market commercial credit transactions and...
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Legal 1031

Legal 1031 is led by one of New York’s leading experts in the area of 1031 exchanges. The objective was to establish...
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l4a home

Listening for America

Listening for America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to the design of international trade policy. Their goal is...
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aerpio home new

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals

Axxiem worked closely with Aerpio to help establish a new design for the overall website as well as graphics, including medical animations.
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Moravek Inc

Moravek Inc.

Axxiem worked closely with Moravek to design a new site that covered their impressive range in an understandable and comprehensive way, carefully...
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Travel to Ukraine

Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation had long ago set up a site, Travel to Ukraine, to assist those thinking of taking a...
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Cygnus Technologies

Cygnus needed a website that would allow people to view, sort, and purchase these kits while remaining user-friendly and elegant enough to...
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Barbara’s Home Care

Barbara needed a simple but engaging site within her budget that helps visitors see what sets Barbara apart from the competition. Nothing...
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Cytogel Pharma

Cytogel Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical development company that specializes in the research of early-stage programs that offer significant potential both as platform...
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pharmaceutical website design inspiration


Upon receiving FDA approval for their drug, ARCALYST, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals contracted Axxiem to develop a product website. As is common in the...
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Cara Therapeutics

Cara Therapeutics is an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics to treat human diseases associated with pain and inflammation. The...
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AxxiTrials.com (Promotional Site)

Litéra AxxiTRIALS is a custom application, designed and developed by Axxiem, for the clinical trials document exchange area.  This website is the...
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MGA Roofing

In designing a site for this leading mid-Michigan roofing contractor, the challenge was to create a site that would elicit a sense...
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DenovaMed company website


DeNovaMed is an early-stage pharmaceutical company specializing in new therapeutic approaches to combat bacterial infections. The company approached Axxiem for brand consulting...
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Merit Professional Coatings

Merit Professional Coatings

Merit Professional Coatings is a company based in Florida that specializes in Painting, Wallcovering, and Waterproofing services. Unlike so many other contractors,...
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SBS Mechanical

The challenge in designing a site for this leading HVAC contractor was to provide visitors with visual examples of the firm's impressive...
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Dr Marc Danziger

Dr. Marc D. Danziger is an experienced, board certified urologist and a leading practitioner of Robotic Prostatectomy. The objective of the project...
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Convoy Therapeutics website

Convoy Therapeutics

Convoy commissioned Axxiem to present the startup's transdermal delivery system technology in a quick and easy way for target audiences to understand. ...
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Painting on Hudson

Painting on Hudson is one of the many small businesses that we serve. Like many businesses, they were more interested in having...
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Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation established a new program promoting biotech in Ukraine. The program, BioUkraine, aims to help US and Ukrainian...
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AWS green technology website design axxiem

Advanced Window Solutions

Advanced Window Solutions (AWS) is a leading area dealer/installer of Vista Window Film. The objective was to create a site that instills...
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The New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the development and growth of New York state-based biotechnology-related...
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EastHORN is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was seeking...
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Pitegoff Law Office

The Pitegoff Law Office is one of the leading law firms in the country specializing in franchise and internet law. The objective...
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Diversified Plus

Diversified Plus is an area general contractor specializing in additions, remodeling, siding and decking. The objective was to achieve a design that...
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Matrix Fixtures

Matrix Fixtures is a leading manufacturer of a full range of store fixtures, specializing in custom designs for chain-wide delivery. Matrix's impressive...
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U.S. Asset Recovery Inc.

US Asset Recovery succeeds where many others fail – collecting funds from debtors that have not been paying. The client wanted visitors...
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Provid Pharmaceuticals

Provid Pharmaceuticals researches and develops new drugs while helping other companies fund and manage their own research. They hold over 100 patents...
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Clean Energy Business Network

The CEBN is a group of 3,000+ business leaders working in every aspect of the clean energy economy.  CEBN is a non-profit...
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MCM Construction Inc.

MCM Construction has established a leadership role in building more than 1000 critical structures throughout the West, providing the nation’s highways with...
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nonprofit organization web designers

Compassion & Choices of Northern California

Compassion and Choices of Northern California is a nonprofit organization working to improve care and expand end-of-life choices.  Compassion and Choices needed...
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Danziger & Markhoff LLP

Danziger & Markhoff LLP is a well-known firm in White Plains, NY with a healthy and growing practice. The firm was seeking...
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ventilation solutions construction website new york

Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation Solutions is a division born out of need. For years, the fiberglass fabricators in the United States and Canada have had...
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Partnership for Student Advancement

The Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) helps financially underprivileged high school students, particularly minorities, identify and pursue a career path. PSA's life...
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PAF Painting Services Inc

One of the largest painting firms of the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut Tri-State area, PAF turned to Axxiem to...
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Serina Therapeutics

For this start up biotech, it was important to reach a range of audiences, including potential investors. So a primary objective of...
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The PSP Group

The PSP Group is a fast-growing payroll services company that is up against well-known national names. The challenge for Axxiem was to...
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KSW Mechanical

One of the largest HVAC companies in the New York tri-state area, with clients that include JFK Airport, the MoMA and Grand...
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Hastings On Hudson Chamber Of Commerce

The goal was to design a completely different homepage that would get people to take a second look at the small village...
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Main Enterprises

Main Enterprises specializes in the construction and installation of commercial-grade Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. Their products are often used to...
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Armenian Assembly of America

The Armenian Assembly of America is the largest non-partisan Armenian-American advocacy organization in the United States. The challenge was to develop a...
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New York Store Fixture

New York Store Fixture Company specialized in selling commercial and residential furniture. Previously, their site contained a list of products and users...
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Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc., is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on in-licensing, developing and commercializing novel prescription drugs to treat rare (orphan)...
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CMC Interactive

CMC is a leading Wall Street fund management company, specializing in retirement fund management for its clients. The project consisted of a...
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website for green home logic

Green Home Logic

Green Home Logic is a BPI Accredited Home Performance Company with a focus on Energy Efficiency Home Assessments and performing the recommended...
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Pfenex is the parent company of ReagentProteins.com: a previous Axxiem Project. Pfenex used a template to create their old corporate site. As...
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Stroke Help Association

Stroke Help's founder walked through Axxiem's door with a dream: One man who wanted to make a difference by establishing a group...
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Capitol Risk Concepts, Ltd.

Capitol Risk Concepts, Ltd. is a medium-sized insurance brokerage firm offering a complete range of sophisticated business insurance products and services, internationally....
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Lilly Global External Research & Development

Through unique external collaborations, Lilly is accessing innovation, identifying novel funding sources, and giving more assets the opportunity to meet the needs...
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Allcells biotech ecommerce site


Universities and Pharmaceutical Company Research Departments all over the world use tissue samples and cells for their research. For years, they have...
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Reagent Proteins

Reagent Proteins is a leading supplier of reagent, pre-clinical and cGMP-grade proteins to the biopharmaceutical and vaccine development community. They previously used...
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The Medicines Company

The Medicines Company is a global pharmaceutical company focused on advancing the treatment of critical care patients through the delivery of innovative,...
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Gem Pharmaceuticals

Gem Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biotech that has a unique technology and product pipeline. They were in need of a good...
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MIGS LLC is an integrated contract research organization (CRO) specializing in antibody production, from DNA synthesis through characterization. Their state of the...
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