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Upon receiving FDA approval for their drug, ARCALYST, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals contracted Axxiem to develop a product website for it. As is common in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the challenges was compliance with regulations set forth by the FDA as well as the company's internal review committees. At the same time, Regeneron wanted this product site to stand out from other product websites. Additionally, the site would contain a lot of useful information, so it was important to give careful consideration to site architecture and design to ensure the website would be user-friendly and would appeal both to patients and to healthcare providers.


Axxiem worked closely with Regeneron's marketing, communications, design, and content writing staff over the course of planning and developing the website. At the same time, as part of the business consulting that Axxiem prides itself on, Axxiem contributed ideas and recommendations for how to break the mold of the 'safe' websites put out by most companies for their marketed drugs. Additionally, Axxiem was very involved in preparing website materials for review and approval by the FDA and by internal review committees prior to launch. As a result, is a fully compliant website with a creative, visually engaging design that is still in keeping with the traditional style of the industry, and it is powered by a robust content management system, allowing for fast, easy updates.