DArcy Compliance Consulting


DArcy specializes in assisting early stage companies to develop "Compliance Cultures" from the earliest stages of the product development journey.  From Good Clinical Practices and SOP development to training and GAP assessments, the DArcy team delivers to its biopharma clients...
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Oligomerix Desktop Website Image


Seven years ago, Axxiem launched Oligomerix's first website. Since then, we've been a partner with them and watched them and their technology take off. This latest revision reflects their unique upstream approach to treating tauopathies and includes a number of...
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Xilis website desktop image


Xilis is developing next generation technologies that provide a functional model of a patient’s individual tumor that can be directly tested for drug response, helping clinicians make timely treatment decisions for cancer patients and supporting drug development for world-leading pharmaceutical...
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Equilibre Biopharmaceuticals desktop image

Equilibre Biopharmaceuticals Corp

Équilibre Biopharmaceuticals Corp. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying and developing high-potential drugs for patients who are treatment resistant or unresponsive to other existing medications. Eqneuro.com was a great project which brought us new design challenges and ultimately...
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Signablok Website Image


Signablok is a biotech company with a novel technology called SCHOOL which provides a new way to interrupt cell signaling. The challenge was to present this technology simply and understandably to the target audience. Most importantly, how SCHOOL differs from...
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VeroScience Biotechnology Company Website


Like many of our clients, VeroScience came to Axxiem for a redesign.  The company was experiencing growth and needed to have a website that better reflected their current stage and outlook.  Axxiem worked closely with the client to define objectives...
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Palladio Biosciences biotech website design

Palladio Biosciences

Palladio Biosciences needed a new website - fast!  First Axxiem built a quick replacement site/place holder that updated key information meeting a critical deadline. Next we worked closely with the client team to design and build new site, reflecting the...
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Phanes Therapeutics biotechnology website company

Phanes Therapeutics

Phanes Therapeutics is a startup led by a team of industry veterans with extensive drug discovery and development experience in global pharma and biotech companies, including Pfizer, Amgen, and J&J. Phanes came to Axxiem for a redesign that would provide...
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moretti home

Moretti Driveway Paving and Patio

Local contractor needed a new website. Our CEO needed new patios, landscaping, driveway. His work looks almost as good as our website. 🙂
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Imvax biotech website Malignant glioma hepatocellular carcinoma pancreatic cancer


Imvax came to Axxiem with a website that had recently been done by another company.  They were not happy. We worked quickly and closely with the Imvax team to understand priorities and company vision and produced a new design and...
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Cour Pharmaceuticals biotech website

Cour Pharmaceuticals

Challenge Cour Pharma need a quick but effective redesign which kept their branding in tact, but made more effective use of their animation and other graphics.   Solution Axxiem redesigned the site and consulted on business components with the client. ...
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Goldilocks Therapeutics Inc biotech website design

Goldilocks Therapeutics, Inc.

Goldilocks Therapeutics is a small biotech startup with big ideas and a great vision. This is the company's first website and is design to fit their current "low radar" positioning and budget. Leadership was delighted with the site's simplicity.
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GRS-Title company website design


Challenge KV National came to Axxiem having a growing stable of companies providing financial services around the country.  They needed a range of services inclduing consolidating over 30 websites, migrating and hosting, redesigning and/or repairing exiting sites, or rebuilding others....
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Travel to Ukraine

Challenge Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation had long ago set up a site to assist those thinking of making the trip to Ukraine.  Unfortunately, the site was sorely out of date.   Solution As part of Axxiem's AxxiCARE program, Axxiem...
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Bioukraine.org home


Challenge Axxiem's client, the US-Ukraine Foundation had established a new program promoting biotech in Ukraine, and specifically, helping US and Ukrainian firms and organization to more easily connect and collaborate.   Solution With Axxiem's expertise in biotech as well as...
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adapp new home

Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

Challenge Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) needed a site to effectively speak to its varied audiences which included kids, teens and their parents seeking information and guidance in the important area of drug and alcohol abuse...
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aerpio home new

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing first-in-class treatments for ocular diseases. Aerpio's lead product candidate, AKB-9778, is a Tie2 activator being developed for the treatment of diabetic eye disease. Axxiem helped establish design for the overall website...
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l4a home

Listening for America

Listening for America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to the design of international trade policy.   Their goal is to build a new, strategic, publicly-supported set of U.S. policies that will benefit Americans and secure our future.  The organization...
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Legal 1031

Challenge Legal 1031 is led by one of the New York’s leading experts in the area of 1031 exchanges. The objective was to establish the firm’s expertise, while creating a look that sets the firm apart from the many others...
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usuf home

US-Ukraine Foundation

Challenge The US-Ukraine Foundation has 30 years of history effectively supporting and advancing US-Ukraine relations.  Unfortunately, all their great work over the years was completely lost in their existing website.  Additionally, the site had not been designed to promote the...
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Treventis Corporaton biotech company

Treventis Corporation

TREVENTIS™ Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on diseases associated with protein misfolding which is connected to neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, ALS, and other. Treventis needed to updgrade their website, including a strong tool to explain protein misfolding and...
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Moravek Inc

Moravek Inc.

From early in its history, Moravek has strived to raise the standard for purity and quality of radiolabeled compounds through rigorous purification and exceptionally well documented structural confirmation and compound purity. Axxiem worked closely with Moravek to design a new...
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The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Challenge The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) needed a new site with an updated design and which enabled BCSE staff to keep the site updated through a Content Management System as well as an area where Association members could...
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Cygnus Technologies

Challenge Cygnus Technologies specializes in the selling of Kits. These kits are used around the world for diagnosis and research.Cygnus needed a website that would allow for people to view, sort, and purchase these kits, while remaining user-friendly and elegant...
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AxxiTRIALS Axxiem's clinical trial application

AxxiTRIALS Clinical Trials Portal

Axxiem built the original AxxiTRIALS Clinical Trials Portal as a custom application.  The solution was designed with copious input from Sponsors and CROs managing global clinical trials.  The application has a broad range of modules with the flexibility for client...
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Barbara’s Home Care

Challenge Barbara needed a simple but engaging site within her budget that helped visitors see what sets Barbara apart from the competition Solution Nothing says that home and commercial cleaning can't be fun. Here we employed a simple animated duster...
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UCC of Monmouth

Challenge There is a range of chiropractic techniques available, and the challenge here was to help the visitor to easily understand the NUCCA and Advanced Orthogonal techniques. Solution Axxiem achieved the goal through clean design and ease of navigation, as...
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Chiropractic for Life

Challenge Chiropractic for Life is the office of Anita Morgenstern. In additional to running her own firm, she is in charge of Chiropractic for Humanity, a group that offers Chiropractic services to the homeless and indigent.Chiropractic for Life was looking...
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Vanthys Pharmaceutical Development

Challenge Vanthys needed a professional solution that reflected both the western and eastern cultures of its founders in the U.S. and India. The difficulty in designing this project and promoting a positive web presence was to be able to use...
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cytogel home new

Cytogel Pharma

Challenge Cytogel Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical development company that specializes in the research of early-stage programs that offer significant potential both as platform technologies and high value product candidates. Solution From the homepage onward, the Cytogel website clearly sets out...
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Challenge Upon receiving FDA approval for their drug, ARCALYST, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals contracted Axxiem to develop a product website for it. As is common in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the challenges was compliance with regulations set forth by the FDA...
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Cara Therapeutics

Challenge Cara Therapeutics is an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics to treat human diseases associated with pain and inflammation. The challenge was to design and develop a site that would speak to both scientific and lay audiences,...
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AxxiTrials.com (Promotional Site)

Challenge Litéra AxxiTRIALS, is a custom application designed and developed by Axxiem, for the clinical trials document exchange area.  This website is the marketing site for the SaaS product.   Solution The AxxiTRIALS promotional site dedicates a page to each of...
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MGA Roofing

Challenge In designing a site for this leading mid-Michigan roofing contractor, the challenge was to create a site that would elicit a sense of trust and reliability, as well as show the range of services the company offers besides roofing.  ...
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Challenge DeNovaMed is an early-stage pharmaceutical company specializing in new therapeutic approaches to combat bacterial infections. The company approached Axxiem for brand consulting and the development of a marketing website to establish the organization's web presence. Solution Axxiem developed a...
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Merit Professional Coatings

Merit Professional Coatings

Challenge Merit Professional Coatings is a company based in Florida that specializes in Painting, Wallcovering, and Waterproofing services. Unlike so many other contractors, Merit offers a wide variety of services and has a history of important, sensitive tasks that were...
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SBS Mechanical

Challenge The challenge in designing a site for this leading HVAC contractor was to provide visitors with visual examples of the impressive capabilities of this firm and its broad client base. Solution Who says HVAC is not visual? Axxiem incorporated...
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Dr Marc Danziger

Challenge Dr. Marc D. Danziger is an experienced, board certified urologist and a leading practitioner of Robotic Protastectomy. The objective of the project was to communicate Dr. Danziger's role as a leader in the field of Robotic Protastectomy, while also...
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convoy therapeutics axxiem biotech website design

Convoy Therapeutics

Challenge Present the startup's transdermal delivery system technology in a quick and easy way for visitors, particuarly target audiences to understand.  Get key potential partners and/or investors to click and contact. Solution High level infographics, including budget-friendly animations, helped to...
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Painting on Hudson

Challenge Painting on Hudson is one of the many small businesses that we serve. Like many businesses, they were more interested in having a presence on the internet than they were in having "bells and whistles". Solution We created a...
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enzymerx axxiem biotech website design uricase


EnzymeRX was doing some innovative research in the area of refractory gout and associated tumor lysis syndrome. Like many startups they needed a site to speak to an audience of potential partners and investors, which told their story, at a...
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ACFA Axxiem website

The Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys (ACFA)

ACFA members include in-house attorneys and attorneys in private practice who are national and international experts in middle-market commercial credit transactions and commercial bankruptcy matters. We are a select group with members in more than thirty states and a number...
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AWS green technology website design axxiem

Advanced Window Solutions

Advanced Window Solutions is a leading area dealer/installer of Vista Window Film. The objective was to create a site which instilled confidence in visitors that Vista window film is worth the investment and that AWS is the firm you want...
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Clean Energy Business Network

Clean Energy Business Network

The CEBN is a group of 3,000+ business leaders working in every aspect of the clean energy economy.  CEBN is a non-profit that works to inform and engage business leaders in energy policy issues, increase public and policymaker awareness of...
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Challenge EastHORN is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was seeking to refresh it's branding and web-presence, while reinforicing their unique familiarity with the Central and Eastern European...
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website design law new york

Pitegoff Law Office

Challenge The Pitegoff Law Office is one of the leading law firms in the country specializing in franchise law as well as internet law. The objective of this site was to design to stand out among the thousands of other...
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Diversified Plus

Challenge Diversified Plus is an area general contractor specializing in additions, remodeling, siding and decking. The objective was to achieve a design that made the company stand out from the rest and to illustrate their breadth of experience. Solution The...
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new york website design small business

Matrix Fixtures

Challenge Matrix Fixtures is a leading manufacturer of a full range of store fixtures, specializing in custom designs for chain-wide delivery. Matrix's impressive list of clients includes E-Trade, Hard Rock Cafe, Mikasa, Sun Glass Hut, Sprint, Target and many others....
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U.S. Asset Recovery Inc.

Challenge US Asset Recovery succeeds where many others fail – collecting funds from debtors that have not been paying. The client wanted visitors to see immediately why the company is successful – because they do not quit. Solution A site...
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Provid Pharmaceuticals

Challenge Provid Pharmaceuticals researches and develops new drugs while helping other companies fund and manage their own research. They hold over 100 patents and wanted a website that would display their acheivements and invite others to share their research with...
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end of life choices axxiem website design non-profits bioltech

Compassion & Choices of Northern California

ChallengeCompassion and Choices of Northern California is a nonprofit organization working to improve care and expand end-of-life choices.  Compassion and Choices needed a site which presented the subject with the same compassion and empathy that its staff and members use...
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MCM Construction Inc.

Challenge MCM Construction has established a leadership role in building more than 1000 critical structures throughout the West, providing the nation’s highways with quality bridges, cutting edge overpasses and interconnectors with award winning results for over 40 years. MCM sought...
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Partnership for Student Advancement

Challenge The Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) helps financially underprivileged high school students, particularly minorities, identify and pursue a career path. PSA's life skills training and career development programs include skill and aptitude matching and support services, which smooth the...
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website law design

Danziger & Markhoff LLP

Challenge Danziger & Markhoff LLP is a well-known firm in White Plains, NY with a healthy and growing practice. The firm was seeking a new look that highlighted the practice areas they are known for, such as Trusts and Estates,...
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ventilation solutions construction website new york

Ventilation Solutions

Challenge Ventilation Solutions is a division born out of need. For years, the fiberglass fabricators in the United States and Canada have had few choices in obtaining ventilation services for their special needs. The challenge was to create a site...
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Hastings On Hudson Chamber Of Commerce

Challenge The goal was to design a completely different homepage which would get people to take a second look at the small village of Hastings, recognizing the charm and the opportunity the village offers. Solution The new site has a...
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PAF Painting Services Inc

Challenge One of the largest painting contracts of the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut Tri-State area, PAF turned to Axxiem to get them on the web with a site that would speak to their audiences of both large...
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Serina Therapeutics

Challenge For this start up biotech, it was important to reach a range of audiences, including potential investors. So a primary objective of the new website was to engage the visitors and to inform them of the important work in...
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Challenge Biotectix LLC develops and commercializes bioactive, conductive polymer materials and coatings for implantable medical devices. A core objective of the website project was to clearly illustrate the benefits of Biotectix’s technology and to encourage discovery. The site would be...
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The PSP Group

Challenge The PSP Group is a fast-growing payroll services company that is up against well-known national names. The challenge for Axxiem was to design an engaging site that would get potential clients to take a hard look at this firm...
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UCC of New York

Challenge There are a range of chiropractic techniques available, and the challenge here was to help the visitor to easily understand the NUCCA and Advanced Orthogonal techniques. A clean, clinical looks was important for this client who wanted to offer...
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KSW Mechanical

Challenge One of the largest HVAC companies in the New York tri-state area, with clients that include JFK Airport, the MoMA and Grand Central Station, KSW selected Axxiem to get their firm on the web. The challenge was to take...
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Armenian Assembly of America

Challenge The Armenian Assembly of America is the largest non-partisan Armenian-American advocacy organization in the United States. The challenge was to develop a highly functional CMS system providing Assembly staff with full ability to manage all aspects of the site,...
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Main Enterprises

Challenge Main Enterprises specializes in the construction and installation of commercial-grade Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. Their products are often used in clean rooms, restaurants, and department stores. Main Enterprises had previously built their own site using an online...
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biomedical engineering research


Challenge The Biomedical Engineering Research & Results Initiative (BERRI) is a contract research organization providing virtual product development with backing from the University of Alberta.  The main objective of the project was to facilitate sharing project updates and confidential documents...
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New York Store Fixture

Challenge New York Store Fixture Company specialized in selling commercial and residential furniture. Previously, their site contained a list of products, and users had to call the company to place an order. New York Store Fixture wanted a new site...
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CatalystPharma- Home

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

Challenge Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc., is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on in-licensing, developing and commercializing novel prescription drugs to treat rare (orphan) neurological diseases and disorders. Catalyst is an established public company that was looking for website redesign while...
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CMC Interactive

Challenge CMC is a leading Wall Street fund management company, specializing in retirement fund management for its clients. The project consisted of new logo design, and the redesign of the website and web applications, including everything from retiree login to...
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Green Home Logic

Challenge Green Home Logic is a BPI Accredited Home Performance Company with a focus on Energy Efficiency Home Assessments and performing the recommended Energy Saving Improvements. Axxiem was contracted to develop a new website for the company that reflects their...
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Challenge Pfenex is the parent company of ReagentProteins.com: a previous Axxiem Project. Pfenex used a template to create their old corporate site. As they grew bigger, they realized that the template was not flexible enough for them. They asked Axxiem...
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Stroke Help Association

Challenge Stroke Help's founder walked through Axxiem's door with the dream.. One man who wanted to make a difference by establishing a group that would help local families of stroke victims learn about available resources for living day to day...
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Chorus Resonance

Challenge Eli Lilly approached Axxiem in 2010 with a request for two websites for their Voice project. Voice is an enterprise project planning and management system that allows all of Chorus' employees to access important information through the internet.  Chorus Resonance...
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Challenge EGEN, Inc., is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing nucleic acid-based therapeutics for cancer and other difficult to treat diseases using proprietary nanoparticle delivery systems. They came to Axxiem looking for a simple, attractive, modern site that...
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Youth Outreach Developments in Literacy

Challenge Youth Outreach Developments in Literacy is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote literacy and gender-equality for children in under-developed regions of the world.They wanted to hold a fundraiser event: La Nuit Mystique, to promote awareness of their cause...
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Capitol Risk Concepts, Ltd.

Challenge Capitol Risk Concepts, Ltd. is a medium-sized insurance brokerage firm offering a complete range of sophisticated business insurance products and services, internationally. The challenge with this project was to develop a website that effectively communicated the integrity and breadth...
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Lilly Global External Research & Development

Challenge Through unique external collaborations, Lilly is accessing innovation, identifying novel funding sources, and giving more assets the opportunity to meet the needs of patients who are waiting around the world. Lilly approached Axxiem about developing a stand-alone website for...
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Allcells biotech ecommerce site


Challenge Universities and Pharmaceutical Company Research Departments all over the world use tissue samples and cells for their research. For years, they have needed a way to easily search for samples by a variety of vectors (a healthy liver sample...
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Reagent Proteins

Challenge Reagent Proteins is a leading supplier of reagent, pre-clinical and cGMP-grade proteins to the biopharmaceutical and vaccine development community. They had used an off-the-shelf shopping cart and ecommerce program for their product website but found, as many life science...
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The Medicines Company

Challenge The Medicines Company is a global pharmaceutical company focused on advancing the treatment of critical care patients through the delivery of innovative, cost-effective medicines to the worldwide hospital marketplace. The company was looking for a clean, clear web presence...
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Gem Pharmaceuticals

Challenge Gem Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biotech that has a unique technology and product pipeline. They were in need of a good story presentation to potential partners, investors, the media and the general public. SolutionSimple site within budget which...
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Challenge The New York Biotechnology Association is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the development and growth of New York State-based biotechnology-related industries and institutions, and to strengthening the competitiveness of New York State as a premier global location for...
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Challenge Neurogen had a significant business challenge and needed an immediate and significant brand overhaul, showing the world and in particular the investment community the restructuring and change of focus the company had undergone. Goal was to find a buyer...
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Challenge MIGS LLC is an integrated contract research organization (CRO) specializing in antibody production, from DNA synthesis through characterization. Their state of the art facility allows for scalable production, purification and analysis of custom antibodies. Antibodies are very unique products,...
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EnduRX Pharmaceuticals

Challenge Like many of Axxiem's clients, EnduRX is a startup biotech that has a unique technology and product pipeline. They were in need of a good story presentation to potential partners, investors, the media and the general public. Solution Axxiem...
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