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Ventilation Solutions

ventilation solutions construction website new york


Ventilation Solutions is a division born out of need. For years, the fiberglass fabricators in the United States and Canada have had few choices in obtaining ventilation services for their special needs. The challenge was to create a site which showed visitors the unique offering of this firm which boasts over 30 combined years of experience in custom ventilation solutions for fiberglass fabricators, as well as other challenging ventilation environments.


Axxiem built a site that makes use of a broad range of client-supplied images to show their unique design and build capabilities to solve what, to some, may have seemed like insurmountable ventilation challenges. From grinding booths, lamination and gelcoat areas to employee safety and comfort issues, this site illustrates how this one-of-a-kind firm brings real solutions to its clients ventilation challenges.

ventilation solutions construction website new york