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Axxiem was engaged to design and develop a site that would speak clearly to Western biotech audiences as well as to the Japanese-speaking community. Great efforts went into taking the unique work of PRISM in the area of mimetics and making it understandable and engaging to global biotech audiences. This included design and production of a number of short animations.

"The PRISM project got all of the Axxiem teams burning on full thrusters, from copywriting and translation to graphics and animation. The end result was a robust and modern website that works globally and bilingually. We humbly thank PRISM for selecting Axxiem and allowing us to work on this fantastic project."

Susan MH Lewenz
CEO, Axxiem

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"The new website has taken our web presence to a whole new level. Also, working with the Axxiem team to recreate our company presentation was an inspiring and educational experience. We look forward to continued work with Axxiem."

Dai Takehara