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Ready to come out of stealth mode, ConductiveBio came to Axxiem seeking a website that would introduce their cutting-edge technology for recovery from stroke and other medical needs. Axxiem and ConductiveBio worked together to develop a modern website with a unique scrolling MOA animation that clearly illustrates the state-of-the-art technology behind this very promising company.

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ConductiveBio mobile image for biotech website responsive design portfolio

ConductiveBio is a group of impressive innovators who are working toward bringing forth the future of medicine. Not only did they invent the nanowire technology used in many touch sensors in millions of phones, tablets and displays, their technology has been exclusively licensed for medical applications. They developed a very small and thin bioscaffold that is electrically stimulated in the brain to activate transplanted cells to produce critical healing factors that promote recovery.

Axxiem consulted with ConductiveBio to create the site's structure and content around the key messages and desired audience. Through an iterative process, a complete storyboard of ConductiveBio's MOA was developed with the client. The design of the website and scrolling MOA were built to reflect the forward-thinking nature of the technology while clearly describing the science. The resulting MOA animation clearly tells their story of how they developed a promising and unique treatment that blends innovative technology with science to help the body heal itself from stroke and a variety of other unmet medical needs.

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