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The challenge Axxiem faced working on the Signablok project was to find a way to present this technology simply and understandably to the target audience. It was important to showcase how SCHOOL differs from conventional signal blocking and the many future opportunities it presents. Multiple interactive animations and graphics were created for the project.


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"Many thanks again for offering such a quality service and exceeding all of my expectations. Sharing some of my colleagues reactions below:

'Congratulations! looks great'

'Awesome job with the website, I absolutely love it!'

'Fantastic web site!'

'This looks great! Wow! I love the way you outlined this. Who put this together for you? Very well done.'"

~ Dr. Alexander B. Sigalov, Ph.D, Founder and CEO

SignaBlok is a biotech company with a novel technology called SCHOOL which provides a new way to interrupt cell signaling.