The Best Biotech Websites “Engage First” Then Ask Me to Think

The Best Biotech Websites "Engage First" Then Ask Me to Think

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business, including biotech companies. With the increasing reliance on the internet for information, biotechnology companies need to have a website that is designed to effectively communicate their mission, pipeline, technologies, and research developments to their various target audiences.

At Axxiem, we follow the principle that visitors don't want to think too hard until they see the value. So the well-designed biotech website needs to quickly and effectively communicate to each audience the "What's In It For Me" (WIFM) in short statements and, even better, in graphics, from the homepage onward.

For all of our biotech clients, we like to use short but informative statements (get to the point quickly), combined with engaging graphics and/or infographics to make the initial impression. Of course, each of these are followed by copious use of "Learn more" clicks. Discovery is a very successful tool in good biotech website design. Engage and allow the visitor to drill for more.

For the startup biotech, the target audience is often biotech investors, potential partners, or other biopharma colleagues. We expect all of these targets have knowledge of the topic, but we still don't ask them to figure out complex technical language or concepts. The biotech website is not a science paper, after all. Everyone likes to be engaged, appropriate to their industry and topic. I don't mean lots of spinning and blinking. I mean simple infographics that tell at a glance the most important aspects of the company's unique technology. Yes, the user can click "more" if they choose to, or better yet, contact the company for a deeper dive.

Structure of  Website

Standard areas for a well-designed biotech website generally should include "About Us", "Pipeline" and "Technology" pages. This is what the target audience is typically expecting to see. And if that audience includes investors, we are always very cognizant of the fact that these people may be looking at hundreds of sites a day. So memorable biotech website design and biotech graphic elements do not hurt.

In short, design to get the essential message(s) across using appropriate graphics and/or animations that inform and engage. And don't make me figure out your story…until I want to.